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    Thomas - French, Management, ESCP

    Erika - Venezuelian, Communication & Marketing, NSU

    Bruno - Italian, Management, ESCP

    Julia - French, International Management, Dauphine

  • Good news

    Because we're not the only ones to believe in a better world ;-)

    Food for 10 million French thanks to reducing food waste

    Law - February 2016

    A new law in France helps to reduce food waste by reinforcing obligations towards the giants of the food industry.


    No more bees harmed by pesticides in France

    Law - March 2016

    France moves toward full ban on pesticides blamed for harming bees.


    Making drinking water everywhere with air

    Art/Science - July 2016

    Dutch artist Ap Verheggen created SunGlacier DC01, a machine that can condense the moisture in the air to turn it into drinking water. This could be really useful for regions of the world that lack water.


    San Francisco, becoming the first zero-waste city

    City - July 2016

    Its strict measures about recycling and composting brings San Francisco closer and closer to the aim of beginning the first zero-waste city.




  • The blog

    Food for thought

    The doggybag is already well known by Americans and English people, but it remains a quite rude behavior in the habits of the rest of Europe. In fact, in France, Italy or Spain, people couldn't think of asking to take back their leftovers, you can even find this behavior in "the 10 things not to...
    September 24, 2016
    In his book Babel Food, Italian anthropologist and author La Cecla refers to the concept of Babel to describe how mass media and globalization have shaped today’s confused, at times spectacularized concept of food. Just think about the meanders of different dishes and cuisines one can nowadays...
    Think about cities, and how many people live in them. Every person eats, every day. How does all that food get to those cities? Where is the land where the food is grown? People and food have a very serious relationship. Carolyn Steel, the author of the book Hungry City talks about the way food...
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  • We loved

    Demain is already today

    Film - France - July 2016


    This inspiring film shows you can change the world, because people already are changing it + the music is great!


    Website & Trailer (english) : https://www.demain-lefilm.com/en/film

    La Tour des Cèdres

    Architecture - Switzerland - July 2016


    Crazy architect will build in Lausanne the first tour with more than 100 trees, 6000 shrubs and 18 000 shrubs plants occupying about 3000 square meters of green space, beginning in 2017


    Article : http://bit.ly/1OOqPCR

    Similar project in Germany: http://bit.ly/2bLUT5l

    Happycultor's tour

    Magazine - France - August 2016


    The travel story of Margaux who decided to take a trip around France to discover sustainability initiatives around agriculture

    Blog (english) : http://bit.ly/2bO9HBE

    We Demain

    Magazine - France - July 2016


    The first magazine that brings you GOOD NEWS from all over the world


    Website : http://www.wedemain.fr/

    Yes we green!

    App - France - August 2016


    This app allows you to find where to eat local and become a green consumer more broadly but also enables you to add a green spot that you like #collaborativeeconomy

    Website : http://yeswegreen.net/

  • To Read

    Our selection of books for you to read about sustainable food


    une éthique de vie

    Pierre Rhabi

    Hungry City

    Carolyn Steel

    Question agraire et mondialisation

    Alternatives Sud

    Babel Food

    Franco La Cecla

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