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The Doggybag conquering Europe !

The doggybag is already well known by Americans and English people, but it remains a quite rude behavior in the habits of the rest of Europe. In fact, in France, Italy or Spain, people couldn't think of asking to take back their leftovers, you can even find this behavior in "the 10 things not to do at a restaurant" in those countries when you search for the word "doggybag" on the internet. 

Since January 2016, all french restaurants that serve more than 180 meals a day are obligated to provide a doggy bag to their clients !

Nevertheless, with the rising awareness of people about foodwaste, some companies have been trying to change our mind on this issue and implement the doggybag as a new "eco-friendly" habit. In France, for example, they are a few to try: Gourmet Bag, Take Away,... 

A quick survey made by Europe 1 shows that only 3 restaurants over 30 were offering a doggyback to their clients in France.

But this new trend is also pushed by a new french law about foodwaste released in January of 2016. It obligates all organizations that produce more than 10 tons of biowaste per year to either compost it or transform it in biogaz by methanization. And, to prevent restaurants from producing such an amount of biowaste, the law also obligates them to offer a doggybag to their customers.

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