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How did all the food get there?

Hungry City, a book written by Carolyn Steel

Think about cities, and how many people live in them. Every person eats, every day. How does all that food get to those cities? Where is the land where the food is grown? People and food have a very serious relationship. Carolyn Steel, the author of the book Hungry City talks about the way food reaches cities. To transport food from one place to another is not as easy as one may think. Transporting food in the past, was almost as hard as growing it. We go to supermarkets, and we see all the food, and has anyone ever stopped to think HOW did all that food get there? How hard it is to maintain all the supermarkets in cities full of food, so people can eat. 

Not every city is lucky enough to have every aisle of their supermarkets full of food products all the time. We sometimes take this for granted, next time you are in the supermarket buying groceries, stop for a second and look around you. Think about how all that food got there, how many people worked to have food there, everyday.

By Erika

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